About Us

About Fishing Questions Pro

We love to fish in fact we fish more than our wives would like but hey it’s worth it. When we are not on the water we are thinking about our next trip regardless of it’s from land or on a boa.

Because of this, we decided to write guides that might help anyone who is new to fishing or even those that have experience learn new things and answer questions to fishing-related questions. We love to answer questions on gear, fish species, how-to-guides- rigging questions, casting questions, and more that you the reader may have.

A Boatload of Experience

We have over 40 years of experience fishing and over 15 years of writing content in different sectors online. While we have written guides and provided information in other non-related fields we are just now starting to combine the love of fishing with the experience of writing content.

Our Goal

Our goals here are really simple. To help answer fish and fishing-related questions that you have or may not have found in searching online. We hope our guides are simple to read, provide the best answers and help you make smarter decisions whether that is making a purchase or learning how to use a product for better results.

What Does Our Content Focus On?

Our website content focuses on fishing and related fishing questions. We take some of the most popular and not-so-popular questions fishermen ask and try to answer them in the most accurate way without all the fluff.

These articles will be on fish species, line use, tackle questions, rigging questions, beginner questions on fishing, and much more. We also explain questions on how to cook catches and taste certain fish.

When we are not writing we are fishing

What are your favorite fish to catch?

Hands down snook. We reside in southern Florida so we have opportunities to fish year-round and catch some pretty incredible fish species. But Snook has to be at the top of the list. Bonefish a close second.

What is your favorite gear?

Shimano reels and Loomis rods. But there are many excellent brands and cost-effective gear for beginners that we share our thoughts on.