How Big Does Crappie Get?

There have been some big crappie caught throughout the United States through the years. But how big does crappie get will depend on factors like lake conditions, food, and competition. We will explore some interesting facts on how big crappie get in both the black and white species.

So, how big does crappie get? Black crappie can get up to 19.25 inches in length and weigh in at 5 pounds 7-opunces. This is the all-time world record as of today. The average size black crappie is around 10.8 inches. White crappie can get as large as 21 inches long and had a weight of 5-pound 3 ounces. This is the IFGA all-tackle world record.

What is considered a large crappie?

Crappies or slabs the other name for big crappie are anything around 14 to 16 inches plus in length. A weight of 4 pounds or larger is also considered a slab or large crappie. Large crappie can be caught at any time with jigs, lures, and live bait.

How long does it take for crappie to grow to full size?

This will depend on the food source that the crappie has along with competition from other crappies. For instance, if the body of water is large or even small and the competition is small along with enough food like minnows and other small baitfish without many challenges you could see a 10-inch fish within a 24 month period.

However, if you have extreme competition for food those growth rates can be under 7 inches or less in 24 month period. Keep in mind that crappie can and will reproduce quickly especially if no predators are in the body of water.

What is the lifespan of crappie?

Crappies have been studied and depending on what part of the country you live in will depend on how quickly the crappie will grow.

Warmer weathers black crappie will grow faster with the first four years of life. In colder climates, in the northern section of the country, the crappie will grow slower. The lifespan of crappie is roughly 15 years if not eaten or caught by anglers.

Final thoughts

Crappie while not as large as other types of fish can still get large and become a great fight on light tackle gear. Slabs are not uncommon and can be found right in smaller size crappie. Using the same methods you would for smaller fish you have a chance at pulling in a real slab. The next time you are crappie fishing get ready you could pull up the next record.

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