Can fish see green braided line?

We fish light mono each year in clear water for beach snook each year with great success. We site fish them with live bait using 8-pound test monofilament and #20-pound fluorocarbon leader. year after year we catch them at a great clip even in really clear water. One year we decided to test out a green 2-pound test diameter braid with 3 feet of fluorocarbon leader. The bites dramatically dropped with green braided line.

So can fish see green braided line? Yes. Without question in clear water and even when it’s a little dirty fish can see the green braided line. It stands out much more than monofilament and when using any color braid line we recommend fluorocarbon leader to help get more bites.

Can fish see green braided lines in dirty water?

Fish can still see green braided lines in dirty water but not as well in ultra-clear or clear water. Again, there are many benefits to using braid lines especially when you do not want to deal with stretch when you need to muscle fish out of rocks or trees. Just like in clear water you want to add fluorocarbon leader to your braid for best results.

Adding this will help reduce the number of fish that will see the braided line and result in more hookups.

What color braided lines are not noticeable?

Tests have been done on how noticeable braid colors are when in real-life conditions. Green was one of the most noticeable colors and white and blue were not as noticeable in clear waters but in dirty water, they become more noticeable.

All braided fishing colors are more noticeable to some degree with some colors outperforming others depending on water clarity.

What are benefits of braided fishing line?

Braid line offers some excellent advantages over monofilament lines like a much thinner diameter line with excellent strength. Because of the thin diameter, you can cast braided lines much further than monofilament. There is also no stretch in braided line making it much more sensitive so anglers can feel the slightest bites.

What is braid fishing line not great at?

Very visible

Braid does not disappear very well when trying to fish for certain fish in certain water conditions. Braid lines, especially green can be seen more easily than other colors and certainly more than monofilaments. Because of this always use a 3-foot fluorocarbon leader.

Not so great when fishing for species with soft mouths

Seatrout and other types of fish that have soft mouths are better with monofilament. The stretch you get with mono does not happen with braid fishing line and we have tested this many years fishing for spotted seatrout. Mono just feels better in this situation.

When is green braided line the best to fish with?

First off we fish green braided moss color line on a lot of our reels with no problems. We fish topwater baits, live bait, and more and catch plenty of fish. But we always run a 3-foot piece of fluorocarbon regardless of the species.

The only time we will not use braid is when fishing for certain species in certain areas with the water is clear. Beach snook and when conditions are similar when we feel straight mono or a different color braid in white or blue will be better.

Final thoughts

Braid fishing line is an excellent choice and provides superior strength and sensitivity over monofilament.

It can be used in many applications and can cast a country mile on the right fishing setups. However, braid especially green is not the friendliest when it comes to fish seeing it.

That’s okay, use a few feet of fluorocarbon leader and you should get plenty of hookups when you do.

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